Junior Bangers
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Hire or buy a Junior Banger with Cecil’s Rent A Rookie

Junior Bangers are an alternative forumula to the Junior Micra Stock Cars, created to bring a new breed of racing driver in to the sport.

Only light contact is allowed which allows the youngsters to nudge and spin each other out of the way, whilst ensuring they remain safe with no heavy contact!

The youngsters can race in this formula from their 11th birthday up until the day before their 16th birthday.

Cecil’s Rent A Rookie have had many years experience building safe, reliable Junior Bangers for many happy customers.

All of our race cars come supplied ready to race and we even include all of the safety equipment, including overalls, helmet, balaclava and gloves.

We take the stress and the worry out of sourcing and preparing the Junior Bangers, which lets you concentrate on the important thing…..driving it!

So why not make the trip to the ‘other side of the fence’ for a change and let us make that dream become a reality with one of our adrenalin filled Banger Racing events.

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Junior Bangers for hire

If you’re looking to get yourself out on track and have a go at Banger Racing then Cecil’s Rent A Rookie can help you achieve just that!

We’re the original ‘Rent A Rookie’ company, supplying and building quality Junior Bangers is what we do on a day-today basis so you can rest assured that we know what we’re doing and you are in safe hands, both on and off the track.

Our Junior Bangers vary in price, depending on the type of car you want, the amount of time needed for paint and prep (maybe you want a professional airbrush signwriter to come in and make the car look pretty) and the track you want to race at, but every package includes the following;

  • Fully built Junior Banger
  • Painted and sign written (to your spec)
  • All safety equipment provided (helmet, overalls, harness, gloves, balaclava etc)
  • Transport of the car to and from the race meeting
  • Racing fuel
  • Mechanics on the night (we try our best to keep the car running all night, but due to the nature of the sport no promises can be made)

All cars are built with safety in mind and the build spec will be the same as we would use on our own cars.

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Junior Bangers for sale

If you’re looking for something a little more permanent and are looking to set yourself up as a part/full time Banger Racer, then why not purchase one of our complete Junior Banger starter kits?

Our Banger Racing starter kits come with everything you need to set yourself up as a regular short circuit oval racing driver and what’s more, unlike hiring a car from us, with our starter kits you get to keep everything and take it home with you at the end of the meeting…including the car!

Our starter kit prices vary depending on the car you want, but they all include the following features;

  • Full ORC spec car, built and ready to race
  • Purpose-built, adjustable H-frame with battery tray and fuel tank (complete with battery, all wiring, cut-off switch and fuel lines)
  • Harness and harness eyes
  • Window net
  • Corner plates (optional)
  • Door plate
  • Sunroof plate
  • Passenger door plates
  • All doors and boot bolted and seat belted
  • 4 spare wheels and tyres
  • 1 spare radiator (water tank optional)
  • Painted and sign written
  • Personalised fin plate

Remember… all the above is yours to keep with our starter kits!

Please note: Starter kits are built to order (we don’t have them in stock, ready to go) and you will be expected to collect them yourself. We can deliver them at an additional charge.

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Parts & Accessories

Cecil’s Rent A Rookie stock everything you need to build and maintain your race cars. Sourcing our stock from a range of top UK suppliers we are confident that we can offer competitive prices on all your racing accessory requirements.

Some of the items we stock are;

  • Adjustable H-frames
  • Non adjustable H-frames
  • Door plates
  • Sunroof plates
  • Fin plates
  • Fuel tanks
  • Harnesses and harness eyes
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Washers
  • Cable ties
  • Hose clips
  • Wiring looms
  • Cut-off switches
  • Electrical components

Please note: All H-frames are built in-house by us and conform to current ORC build and safety regulations.

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